About Us


Background Professionals, Inc. is a wholesale, pre-employment research company that was founded in early 2007 with an industry knowledge and customer service. We have over 30 years combined industry experience.

Background Professionals understands the importance of making correct employment decisions. This is why we specialize in the most professional and comprehensive pre-employment screening at industry leading turn around times.

Our nationwide research network consists of experienced court record retrievers, private investigators and court clerks who visit court clerk’s offices on a daily basis and manually search records.

Background Professionals is a full-service, one-stop background screening company. We understand that every client has different screening needs and background search criteria. We will work with you and your staff in securing the services that best accommodate your policies and requirements.

Our mission: To obtain the most accurate and up to date criminal background screening information available.

Background Professionals provides all clients wholesale priced services so you can make the right choice for each of your hiring decisions.